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The Top 10 Reasons to Join and Become An AmazinGrape Distributor

  1. Team Support. Everyone wants you to succeed. Every member of your team wants to see you exceed your expectations because you are all working towards the Same 4 Goals.

  2. Free Product Offers. Earn Free Product In November and December  and/or Have Your Monthly Payment Come Out Of Commissions –  Need I say more?  

  3. Affordable for All. Your mistakes won’t break you.  Your sponsor and mentors want to help you learn as much as you can, so you can learn from your mistakes instead of fear them.

  4. You’ll be busy.This is Your Startup Business means everyone is always doing something, so don’t be surprised if there’s no down time between exciting goals! You’ll get used to working on several different Goals at the same time.

  5. The passion is contagious.  Everyone at AmazinGrape is here because they care about our vision ( Join For Your Wealth and Stay For You Health or Join For Your Health and Stay For The Wealth .  You will definitely start to feel the same drive to accomplish your goals this when you start seeing small successes.

  6. You’ll get hands-on experience.  Whether you’re marketing, working in and  with your group, or working One-on-One with a teammate, you will get a lot of real world experience.

  7. You’ll be taught “tricks of the trade.”  Every week, members listen to a presentation by a leader from the company who gives us advice on how to make it in this field, this industry, or just in life.  It’s a great opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in MLM.

  8. You will do meaningful work.  As an member, you will get the opportunity to work on things that will matter to the future of the company (Seeing the Wellness and Changing Incomes for Members of Your Team and Customers).  We also participate in events where we could give back to the community.

  9. You’ll learn a lot.  You will get skills in business, Personal Growth, Self Improvement, Communication, and hard skills in your Entrepreneurship  that you can take with you back and apply to the real world.

  10. You’ll have fun!  From connecting with your team for lunch or dinner  or  meeting those you only talked to on the phone in the past. There is a ton of fun to be had here at AmazinGrape.

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Amazingrape | March Is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month | Amazing Health Products


Colorectal Disease and Cancer is a huge concern for so many people, especially if their family or loved ones has experienced the pain, problems and embarrassment associated with this disease. Treatment options are varied and expensive, and time consuming.

Dr. Masquelier of France told people about the benefits of vinifera (wine) grape seed back in 1978, but even today, people aren’t being told about the research involving the Muscadine Grape, which is 40 times stronger.

We are on a mission to tell people the truth about Colorectal Disease and tell them there is something really great they can share with everyone right now!

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We are on a mission to tell people the truth about Colorectal Disease and tell them there is something really great they can share with everyone right now!

Researchers already know, But You haven’t been told about the latest colorectal research.

Why? Because researchers have to wait until they are finally allowed to publish their results in less noticed journals where the general public may not hear about.

Many years ago, The Royal Society of Medicine in England in a large forum, expressed so much concern for the welfare of the colon. Their conclusion was colon health may be the most important thing you should consider. They said, “Every disease and finally death begins in the colon.”

Recently we received a report by two doctors, who reported that some 3½ million people are scheduled for a colonoscopy by their doctors each year, and that some 70,000 die from the procedure (punctured colon, dirty instruments, etc.)

Interestingly that was 22% more than died of colon cancer. Several years ago, a Major University Hospital did a multi-million dollar study on the effects of the Muscadine Grape on the Colorectal system.

Did you hear about it? Was it even mentioned on the nightly news?

The Muscadine grape, a totally natural product inhibited the growth of colon cancer (in-vitro) over 80% in only 7 days.

There are also all natural products to clean the entire digestive system and keep it healthy. We believe you deserve to be told the truth and not insult your intelligence.

With this type of research results…

…wouldn’t you want all your loved ones to be taking AmazinGrape everyday!

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