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A good friend introduced me to Ztegrity and I was very impressed with their new prepaid card offer. Within this ZBlackCard review I going to show why this card is better than the rest.

The Prepaid Mastercard and Visa accounts currently being offered are loaded with fees. It’s time to get a better card in your wallet. The better card is called the ZblackCard.

Benefits of the METAL ZblackCard:
-Free Bank Teller Withdrawals Nation Wide
-No Overdraft Fees
-No Card to Card Transfer Fees
-No Late Fees
-No Point of Sales Fee
-No Service Call Fees
-No Balance Inquiry Fees
-No Fee to Replace a Lost Card (Master Card)
-$1 ATM Fees (Visa is free) within the States
-Master Card load limit is up to $15,000
-Visa International card load limit is unlimited
-FDIC insured up to $250,000

The Zblackcard Prepaid debit card can be used to booster your credit score with a primary tradeline.

We have three plans with tradelines to choose from.
1. $20 per month plan comes with a $1,000 tradeline
2. $50 per month plan comes with a $2,500 tradeline
3. $70 per month plan comes with a $5,000 tradeline

The card holder can double the tradelines limits up to $10,000 for a one time yearly upgrade of $200.

Card Holder……………………….USA Only
Card Limit………………………..$15,000
Allpoint ATMs…………………….$1.00
Teller Withdrawals……………….No Fee
Point of Sale……………………..No Fee
Card Replacement……………….No Fee
Lost Card Shipping……………….No Fee
Customer Service………………..No Fee
No Credit Check Bank Account….No Fee
Money Transfer…………………..No Fee
Direct Deposit……………………No Fee
Shipping………………………….$10 US card orders

Ztegrity Zblackcard Auto Rewards and Lifestyle Bonus Pay | Arnold Fisher 972-855-8290 Call or Text

The Ztegrity ZBlackcard Auto Rewards card  is the World’s Most Prestigious prepaid card. Ztegrity Metal Blackcard was designed to upgrade your lifestyle like a Black American Express Centurion Card (Black AmEx).

Prepaid cards were initially used by people who could not get bank traditional accounts or the unbanked. These cards were loaded with a lot of fees that unfortunately stole the financial futures from many families worldwide.The Ztegrity business model is designed to help you to succeed in your efforts to earn and save money using the best prepaid card ever created.

If you are using a credit card or any other prepaid debit card other than Ztegrity ZBlackcard Mastercard, You are leaving a lot of $$ on the table.Get Started Now

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Ztegrity VIP Rewards Card | $20 VIP Club 5×5 Matrix Compensation Plan

You’re going to see, that from day one, Ztegrity VIP Rewards Plan is very simple, affordable, and the key is, it works! So with that in mind, let’s get started.

Let’s walk through the 5×5 Compensation Plan.

I think you’re going to agree, when your review all the details, with Ztegrity VIP Rewards Card and a low startup cost, that you can definitely turn things around for yourself, financially. With those things in mind, let’s get started by letting you know right up front, for $20 a month you will become a Zblackcard card holder and affiliate. This is how you earn commissions when you refer other members to Ztegrity.

A. Join the club by paying your $20 monthly fee.
B. For 14 days we are going to pay you a 100% Matching Bonus on the people you refer. After 14 days if you have not referred a minimum of 5 new VIP Card Club Members your Matching Bonus will be terminated. Upgrading to an Affiliate will earn you $10 instead of $1 for every new Card Holder you refer. If you miss your 14 day window to earn your Matching Bonus you will gain it back once you have reached your 5 referral minimum.
C. We will send you a Metal ZBlackCard Mastercard!
D. Once you recieve your card simply click on Activate to activate your Metal ZBlackCard. There is no additional fee needed to activate your card.

How Does This Strategy Turn Your $20 Into Over $20,000 Per Month Residual Income?
A. It’s easy because we pay you $1.00 for each VIP Card Holder for 5 generations.
B. This means you would earn $3,905 per month on 5 generations of referrals.
C. In a perfect world this residual income could be earned in as little as 5 weeks.
D. Qualify to earn a 100% Matching Bonus with 5 referals in your first 5 days.
E. The 5 people you refer do as you do and each earn $3,905 for a total of $19,525.
F. Adding your $3,905 income to the $19,525 Matching Bonus = $23,430 per month.
Why Does This Strategy Work?
A. This works because we have the world’s only Ultra Elite Prepaid Metal MasterCard and people love it!
B. This works because we have the world’s best Elite Rewards Program!

Because there is No Limit to width or depth to this compensation structure, then you are encouraged to assist your downline members to help their organization grow. Additionally any new recruits that you sponsor on your frontline. The main advantage of this concept is that it creates an element of team work where some members within your organization can work together and mutually benefit.

As an Active Qualified Member you will earn monthly residual commissions from the sale of products on all five levels in the 5×5 matrix.

The 5×5 matrix plays an important role in helping you LEVERAGE your time and your efforts. Also, when you help others earn commissions you will also receive a referral commission from the sale of products marketed by your team within the 5×5 matrix.

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Ztegrity Zblack VIP Rewards Card Agent | Arnold Fisher 972-855-8290 Call Text


Become a VIP CARD HOLDER to position yourself to easily earn a monthly income large enough to accomplish your financial goals. The strategy is super simple.

Pay your $20 monthly membership fee then invite a minimum of 5 others to join the club to qualify for a 100% Matching Bonus.

The Power of 5

+ 5 Days To Receive A Card

+ 5 Personal Referrals

+ 5 Levels of Income

+ 5 Matching Bonuses

+ 5 Figures a Month

= An Amazing Life Style

All you have to do is order your Ztegrity VIP Rewards card and tell others about it just as someone told you. That’s it!

You will love your new metal card as much as you will love your new lifestyle upgrade.

We are revolutionizing the prepaid card industry, just as Uber did with the cab industry and our Ztegrity VIP Rewards Card is positioned to help you earn more income to live the lifestyle of your dreams within a few days or weeks. The choice is yours and it’s totally up to you!

We have the model, strategy and the proven history to support you every step of theway…

Call me and lets get your Ztegrity VIP Rewards Zblack card ordered, so you can get started today!

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Z Blackcard Rewards Mastercard | The World’s Most Prestigious Prepaid

The ZBlackcard Rewards Mastercard is the World’s Most Prestigious Prepaid card and everyone will want to have it in their wallet.

It’s a one of a kind financial product and cannot be purchased anywhere else. The Z Blackcard Rewards Mastercard provides Elite Cash Rewards and Perks equal to or better than the world’s most exclusive credit cards and without any of the ridiculous fees that are often associated with those cards.

If you are using any other bank credit card or prepaid debit card, you are leaving a lot of your hard earned money on the table. Get the facts about the ZTEGRITY Black Mastercard today so you can start earning, saving and sharing the good news about this great product.

The Ztegrity business model is designed to help members to succeed in becoming a successful affiliate while at the same time ensuring that members gain real customers so that our company can remain in compliance within the direct sales / network marketing industry.

Get The Best Prepaid MasterCard on The Market.

Click here my black card below to order yours..


Ztegrity Zblackcard Ultra Elite Rewards Card

A Ztegrity Ultra Elite Rewards Card is a prepaid MasterCard that is designed more like an American Express Centurion Card than a Green Dot Drug Store Card.









Prepaid cards were initially created for people who could not get bank accounts.  These cards often come loaded with fees that unfortunately take advantage of these people.

Over time something very interesting happened in the prepaid card market.  The prepaid cards became popular with the middle and upper class people as well.  It turns out that people simply preferred to use a prepaid card for certain online purchases instead of using their bank cards or credit cards.

The problem with this is that the prepaid cards never evolved to service this growing market and as a result people who were use to receiving quality service at a fair price were often stuck with an inferior product.
This is why we created the world’s first Ultra Elite Rewards Prepaid MasterCard.

You see the world’s most exclusive credit cards come with an annual fee instead of a mountain of fees every time you use it, check your balance or call customer service!  By charging an annual fee like the elite credit cards we are also able to create amazing rewards for our customers!

So whether you’re interested in becoming an affiliate to market our cards to others or simply wish to acquire a card as a customer for only $69.95 a year, you will find that everything from the delivery of your card to the customer service we will provide you will meet or surpass the most elite credit cards in existence.  Become a Ztegrity Affiliate ( Click here )